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Comprehensive Yard Maintenance Services in Ottawa

Keep your lawn neat and healthy, all year round

613 Property Management provides professional yard maintenance services in Barrhaven, Riverside, Manotick, Greely, and surrounding areas. We offer a broad range of scalable lawn management services to meet all your lawn care requirements at the most affordable rates in Ottawa.
With 613 Property Management, you can rest assured knowing your lawn will be professionally manicured. We use the best-in-class lawn maintenance equipment and practices to accommodate all your residential and commercial lawn maintenance needs, keeping it neat and pristine at all times.

Our Specialties

Let us maintain your landscape’s greenery.

yard maintenance services

Grass Cutting

Give your lawn a fresh cut with our professional lawn mowing services. Our lawn cutting experts meticulously cut your overgrown lawns to the best height for your lawn type, leaving it with a consistent finish.

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Lawn Edge Trimming

Define your lawn with our lawn edging services. We even out your lawn edges, giving it a distinctive shape to elevate the overall visual appeal of your yard without severing the roots of surrounding plants or leaving dents and scrapes on surrounding landscape features.

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Leaf Blowing

Looking for efficient leaf-blowing services in Ottawa? We offer leaf removal services to help prevent the grass and soil beneath it from being starved of sunlight and nutrients, leaving it with a neat and pristine look that elevates your property’s aesthetic.  

lawn maintenance services

Clean Up

Need to get rid of weeds, leaves, debris, and more piling up around your yard? We offer yard clean-up services to help you keep your yard spick-and-span, creating a picturesque and enjoyable outdoor environment that adds value to your property.

yard maintenance services


Nourish your lawn and keep it healthy throughout all seasons with our lawn mulching services. We re-fertilize your lawn by recycling tiny grass clippings and blowing them back into freshly cut lawns to help it retain more nutrients and moisture.

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Lawn Aeration

Encourage healthy lawn growth with our lawn spiking services. We aerate your lawn to allow water to penetrate through the solid and nourish it at the root level, facilitating the growth of luscious, healthy-looking grass.

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Effectively remove thick layers of dead grass material from your lawn to keep it healthier. We mechanically remove layers of thatch build-up to allow fertilizers to penetrate the soil for deeper nourishment and enable better growth when overseeding.

lawn maintenance service

Lawn Rolling

Level out the knicks and bumps in your lawn with our lawn rolling services. Whether you want to prepare your bare lawn field for seeding or bring grassroots and seeds in contact with the soil, we employ the best practices to ensure that we add just the right amount of pressure to get the job done.  

yard maintenance services

Residential Lawn Maintenance  

Looking to improve the curb appeal of your Ottawa home and maintain lush green lawns that leave an indelible impression on your guests? We provide professional residential lawn care services at the most competitive rates in the market.
We cater to residential homes with lawns of all shapes and sizes, and if you require recurring services to ensure that your lawn always looks perfect all year round, our lawn care team is always ready to help.
– We maintain your lawn on a weekly, bi-weekly, or once-only basis.
– Starting from as little as $30, you can get your lawn cut and trimmed, and your driveway blown by our team.
Ready to give your lawn a professional trim?

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

An unkempt and unhealthy lawn can leave your property looking shabby and make potential customers lose confidence in doing business with you. A well-maintained lawn not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property but also reflects the quality of the products and services you deliver. 613 Property Management provides comprehensive commercial yard maintenance services to help you manage and maintain the greenery of your property’s landscape. We extend our services to businesses and corporates of all sizes in Ottawa, keeping your property immaculate at all times.
– We guarantee our exceptional services at a 10% discount on any of your existing contracts or formal quotes for apartment buildings, multi-unit complexes and gated communities.
– We can maintain your lawn on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and if you do not require recurring services, we can carry out one-time cuts.
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Keeping your property in good condition can be difficult, but with us, it does not have to be.

At 613 Property Management, we not only provide yard maintenance services but also help property owners maintain the value of their property by integrating them with our all-inclusive property management services. Moreover, we offer our integrated lawn maintenance and property management services at the most affordable rates in Ottawa, giving you value for money.
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