Property Management Services

613 Property Management offers owners superior services at the most competitive rates in Ottawa, Ontario. Our all-inclusive property management package includes various property maintenance and repair services required to keep your property in pristine condition. 

Property Management Services

Our stringent tenant selection and placement process will ensure peace of mind knowing that your property will be matched with the best possible tenants. 

Tenant credit building

We help you protect your investment while allowing tenants to increase their credit score during tenancy. Our lease agreements include additional clauses that allow us to report on-time, late, or missed payments to Equifax.

Our credit building system not only allows tenants to build a solid credit history but it also acts as a deterrent to bad or unreliable tenants.

Rent guarantee program

With 613 Property Management, you never have to worry about shifting rents or defaulting tenants ever again. The Rental Guarantee ensures that both your property and your rental income remain protected, and you stay safe from the risks associated with renting.

Our competitive rates

613 Property Management offers a range of service packages with no added fees for all your needs. We can also tailor packages according to your specifications and the requirements of your investment properties:

All-inclusive Management Fee: This package includes all maintenance and management services you see above. Our rate is 20% of the monthly rent. This package will give you benefits of our all-inclusive services for an incredible discount instead of itemized charges for each service.
Tenant placement: We charge 1st month’s rent to source, screen, and place tenants in your property
Repairs: We have a close working relationship with contractors that provide exceptional services at fair prices. We do not charge any additional fees on top of the contractor’s fees.
Lease renewal: We charge $250 per lease renewal for your property

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613 Property Management handles all the maintenance, management, and tenant selection processes for your property on your behalf. Backed by experience and expertise, our dedicated property managers advertise your rental, screen tenants, conduct regular maintenance, and guarantee rental income from your property. 
We keep all lines of communication open 24/7 to foster easy and transparent communication between you, your agent, and your tenants. 
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